Sword of Narwen

Legendary "flame maiden" long sword

weapon (melee)

Known Stats

Long Sword (Intelligent: stats unknown)

Artifact: Unique (age unknown, the Vahari human civilization is over two millennia old)

Alignment: Neutral Evil (Cannot be held by Good aligned characters without making DC 30 Fort Save)

To-Hit Bonuses
To-Hit Bonus Against Living: Unknown/Locked
Damage Bonuses
Damage Against Good Alignment: 1d8 + Flame 1D4 per 2 rounds
Damage Against Other Alignment & Animal: 1d8 + Flame 1d4 on command
Damage Against Evil Alignment: DC 15 Will Save for Entire Encounter then same as Other above, if fail then acts as normal long sword doing 1d8 against all Evil aligned for encounter
Damage Against Undead/Extraplanar/Etc: Unknown/Locked
Special Abilities – Critical Hit and/or Death Blow
If the Sword of Narwen lands a confirmed critical hit or ‘death blow’ (brings to -10 hit points in one round) then damage done beyond -10 can be applied to either the next round’s to-hit attack or damage or AC defense rolls. The wielder must yell the battle cry “Narwen!” and knowingly feeds the sword the soul of the slain who can never be resurrected (except greater artifact can reverse destroying the sword). After the encounter the wielder must make a Will Save DC 15, failure means the wielder must expend any leftover energy as damage only + 1d8 damage per character level or take leftover damage plus 1d8 per character level damage themselves. Note if leftover energy is expended upon a living creature bringing it to -10 death then the chain reaction continues and another Will Save attempt is made.
Other Special Abilities – Unknown/Locked


True Name: Narwen (Means “Flame Maiden” in Old ‘Vaharian’ Common)

Whoever shall free the imprisoned Sword of Narwen will be the one to free the undead ice wyrm Solifugus

Sword of Narwen

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